Friday, November 6, 2009

"The Secret Life of Scarecrows" L'etoile Magazine, Fall 2009

Creative Direction: Molly Roark
Editorial Photography: Amy Pierce
Landscape Photography: Ellie Rader
Technical Director: Charles Miller
Producers: Beth Hammerland and Kate Iverson
Make up: Nellie Carnahan & Olivia Brown
Hair: Jen Hughes, Charlie Brackney & Caitlin Dvorak
Stylist: Krysta Stensrud
Assistant Stylist: Angie Hanson
Props & staging: Mike Head, Allison Johnson & Daniel Opdahl
Models: Brandon, Natalya and Willow
Research: Amy Roark
Leatherwork & millinery: Melanie Ree for Seamstrix
Blouses & millinery: Molly Roark
Menswear: Russel Bourrienne
Vintage: Corner Store Vintage
RTW: Cliche Store
Location: Gibbs Farm

1 comment:

  1. hey ANgie, Now that those pictures finally came out, How do I get my hands on one of the Magazines? I am coming to Mpls. on Dec. 20-26th. So save me a copy. I have been trying to get copies of that photo shoot ever sence it happened, which was like two years ago, jeesh, thats along time. I glad that they decided to use the pics, they turned out awesome.
    Lots of love Willow, please send me some info.