Monday, June 14, 2010

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Event Video

I Feel Love Fashion Show from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

Creative Direction: Angie Hanson
Art Direction : Ken Hannigan
Videography/Editing: David Hannigan and Dan Huiting
Additional Footage: Marco Zitzer
Introduction Vocalist: Camille Bourgerie
First Designer: Martiza Ramirez
First Accessory Designer: Freedom from Doubt
Interlude Band: The Night
Second Designer: Oishiimomo
Pattern Design: Angie Hanson for Oishiimomo
Second Accessory Designer: Bionic Unicorn
Finale Singer: Alina Lindquist
Fashion Stylist: Jane Belfry
Hair Stylist: Mo Murphy of Miyagi Salon
Makeup: Bethany Brihn of Miyagi Salon
Models: Vision Model Management, Natalya & Meghan
Runway Visuals: The Lovemelts (formerly known as Time Squid)
Runway Music: The Nightstalker

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Promotional Video

I Feel Love - Fashion Show June 12th Minneapolis from Time Squid on Vimeo.

Edited and Produced by Hal Schuler
Directed by Angie Hanson & Ken Hannigan
Videography: Dave Hannigan for Anthem Heart
Illustration: Jesse Draxler for Anthem Heart
Styling: Jane Belfry
Pink Dress: Mackenzie Labine for Oishiimomo
Black Skirt & Cream Blouse: Martiza Ramirez
Crystal Pendant: Kristin Berwald for Bionic Unicorn
Hair: Mo Murphy for Miyagi
Makeup: Bethany Brihn for Miyagi
Model: Mary, Vision Model Management
Dancer: Natalya Kolpashchikova

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Graphic Design

Event Program

Event Poster

Event Flier

Event Tickets

Creative Direction: Angie Hanson
Graphic Design: Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart