Sunday, September 20, 2009

"SCENEaSOTA" Fall 2009 Promotional Photos

Designer: Ashley Busch
Designer: Carmichael Claith

Designer: Emma Berg
Designer: Kathryn V.
Designer: Renate Adjei
Designer: Jenny Carle

Photography: Stephanie Hynes
Styling: Angie Hanson + Jane Belfry
Hair: Krissa Wineberg
Makeup: Shelby Lynn
Model: Lily (Ignite)
Accessories: Magnitude Vintage + Cliche

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Sugar" Fall 2008

Art Direction & Photography: Kate Iverson

Fashion Styling and Makeup SpecialFX: Angie Hanson

Makeup: Beth Hammerland

Models: Tendercakes

Clothing provided by: Anthem Heart

Art provided by: YouWorkForThem

"I Dreamed I Dream" Spring 2008

Artist: Rudy Fig

Art Direction: Emma Berg for Fox Tax Gallery

Production: Angie Hanson

Photography: Jayme Halbritter

Digital Retouching: Kate Iverson

Model: Mackenzie Labine

Makeup: Nellie Carnahan

Hair Stylist: Jen Bighley

Fashion Stylist: Sheila Anderson

Dress: Max Lohrbach for Design Collective

"Peacock vs. Pheasant" Fall 2007

Art Direction & Styling: Angie Hanson

Hair Styling: Jennifer Bighley

Makeup: Heidi Arabanos

Clothing provided by Via’s Vintage

Featuring Designers: Sarah Holm
Audra Frizzell

Modeling by: Natalya Kolpashchikova

"Bombs Over Burbia" Spring 2008

MN Fashion Flash Winner 2008!

Art Direction: Angie Hanson

Photography: Eric Eul

Fashion Styling: Sheila Anderson

Hair Styling: Jennifer Bighley

Makeup: Nellie Carnahan

Floral and Prop Styling: Nicole Chittenden

Clothing provided by Cliché Store

Featuring Designers
Swank Dollar
Anthem Heart
Kjurek Couture

Props provided by Patina

Modeling by: Kristen Turner, Erin Smith, Gerrit Hodd