Friday, November 6, 2009

"Maritza Ramirez Fall Collection" Fall 2009

Photography: Camille Bourgerie
Fashion Design: Maritza Ramirez
Art direction & styling: Angie Hanson
Make-up: Shelby Lynn
Hair Stylist: Jen Bighley
Model: Natalya Kolpashchikova

"The Secret Life of Scarecrows" L'etoile Magazine, Fall 2009

Creative Direction: Molly Roark
Editorial Photography: Amy Pierce
Landscape Photography: Ellie Rader
Technical Director: Charles Miller
Producers: Beth Hammerland and Kate Iverson
Make up: Nellie Carnahan & Olivia Brown
Hair: Jen Hughes, Charlie Brackney & Caitlin Dvorak
Stylist: Krysta Stensrud
Assistant Stylist: Angie Hanson
Props & staging: Mike Head, Allison Johnson & Daniel Opdahl
Models: Brandon, Natalya and Willow
Research: Amy Roark
Leatherwork & millinery: Melanie Ree for Seamstrix
Blouses & millinery: Molly Roark
Menswear: Russel Bourrienne
Vintage: Corner Store Vintage
RTW: Cliche Store
Location: Gibbs Farm

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"SCENEaSOTA" Fall 2009 Fashion Runway Show Video

Sceneasota Fashion Show '09 VIDEO from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

Video Producer: David Hannigan
Event Producer: Maritza Ramirez
Promotional Photography: Stephanie Hynes
Graphic Design: Chris Larson

Hair: Krissa Wineberg and Delila Goldknopf
Makeup: Shelby Lynn Skin|Body|Nails.
Styling: Angie Hanson
Assistant Stylist: Stephanie Yost
Music Mixed by: Ken Hannigan aka DJ Real Talk Radio
Models: Ignite Models Inc.

Designers (In show order):

Ashley Busch
Carmichael Claith
Renate Adjei
Kathryn V.
Jenny Carle
Emma Berg

Special Thanks:


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Love vs. Hate shoes for Hispanitas" Fall 2009

photography: Emily Utne
fashion design: Mackenzie Labine
model: Tomahawk Tassles
mohawk: Kellie Aos
location: Couture Noir 2009 at the Varsity
shoes: Angie Hanson for Hispanitas

"Love vs. Hate" pen and ink illustration, 2006: Angie Hanson

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"SCENEaSOTA" Fall 2009 Promotional Photos

Designer: Ashley Busch
Designer: Carmichael Claith

Designer: Emma Berg
Designer: Kathryn V.
Designer: Renate Adjei
Designer: Jenny Carle

Photography: Stephanie Hynes
Styling: Angie Hanson + Jane Belfry
Hair: Krissa Wineberg
Makeup: Shelby Lynn
Model: Lily (Ignite)
Accessories: Magnitude Vintage + Cliche

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Sugar" Fall 2008

Art Direction & Photography: Kate Iverson

Fashion Styling and Makeup SpecialFX: Angie Hanson

Makeup: Beth Hammerland

Models: Tendercakes

Clothing provided by: Anthem Heart

Art provided by: YouWorkForThem

"I Dreamed I Dream" Spring 2008

Artist: Rudy Fig

Art Direction: Emma Berg for Fox Tax Gallery

Production: Angie Hanson

Photography: Jayme Halbritter

Digital Retouching: Kate Iverson

Model: Mackenzie Labine

Makeup: Nellie Carnahan

Hair Stylist: Jen Bighley

Fashion Stylist: Sheila Anderson

Dress: Max Lohrbach for Design Collective

"Peacock vs. Pheasant" Fall 2007

Art Direction & Styling: Angie Hanson

Hair Styling: Jennifer Bighley

Makeup: Heidi Arabanos

Clothing provided by Via’s Vintage

Featuring Designers: Sarah Holm
Audra Frizzell

Modeling by: Natalya Kolpashchikova

"Bombs Over Burbia" Spring 2008

MN Fashion Flash Winner 2008!

Art Direction: Angie Hanson

Photography: Eric Eul

Fashion Styling: Sheila Anderson

Hair Styling: Jennifer Bighley

Makeup: Nellie Carnahan

Floral and Prop Styling: Nicole Chittenden

Clothing provided by Cliché Store

Featuring Designers
Swank Dollar
Anthem Heart
Kjurek Couture

Props provided by Patina

Modeling by: Kristen Turner, Erin Smith, Gerrit Hodd

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new portfolio site!

Welcome to my new portfolio site, home to my fashion styling, illustration and art direction!

Special Thanks to Emily Utne Photography and Citypages for the photo used in my logo (above)