Sunday, January 29, 2012

"The Curative" Art Opening, Fall 2011

I had the opportunity to produce the marketing campaign for the Curative, an art opening planned and produced in collaboration with Hieu Nguyen, Ruth Balbach, Emma Berg, Anna Lee and Michelle Polson, among other Target employees. Featuring artwork by Sally Hartman, Allison Black and other talented artists at Target Corporation, this event was the first of it's kind for Target. The promotional graphic design was created by our Marketing inHouse designers, Alicia Pizzo and Courtney Gooch. Event photography by Stephen Stevens of Digital Crush Photography.

Exhibit at the Burnet Art Gallery:

For more information, click below for the Citypages write-up:

Monday, June 14, 2010

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Event Video

I Feel Love Fashion Show from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

Creative Direction: Angie Hanson
Art Direction : Ken Hannigan
Videography/Editing: David Hannigan and Dan Huiting
Additional Footage: Marco Zitzer
Introduction Vocalist: Camille Bourgerie
First Designer: Martiza Ramirez
First Accessory Designer: Freedom from Doubt
Interlude Band: The Night
Second Designer: Oishiimomo
Pattern Design: Angie Hanson for Oishiimomo
Second Accessory Designer: Bionic Unicorn
Finale Singer: Alina Lindquist
Fashion Stylist: Jane Belfry
Hair Stylist: Mo Murphy of Miyagi Salon
Makeup: Bethany Brihn of Miyagi Salon
Models: Vision Model Management, Natalya & Meghan
Runway Visuals: The Lovemelts (formerly known as Time Squid)
Runway Music: The Nightstalker

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Promotional Video

I Feel Love - Fashion Show June 12th Minneapolis from Time Squid on Vimeo.

Edited and Produced by Hal Schuler
Directed by Angie Hanson & Ken Hannigan
Videography: Dave Hannigan for Anthem Heart
Illustration: Jesse Draxler for Anthem Heart
Styling: Jane Belfry
Pink Dress: Mackenzie Labine for Oishiimomo
Black Skirt & Cream Blouse: Martiza Ramirez
Crystal Pendant: Kristin Berwald for Bionic Unicorn
Hair: Mo Murphy for Miyagi
Makeup: Bethany Brihn for Miyagi
Model: Mary, Vision Model Management
Dancer: Natalya Kolpashchikova

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Graphic Design

Event Program

Event Poster

Event Flier

Event Tickets

Creative Direction: Angie Hanson
Graphic Design: Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart

Monday, May 24, 2010

"I Feel Love" Summer 2010 Fashion Show: Press Release

Creative Direction: Angie Hanson
Fashion Design (left): Oishiimomo
Fashion Design (right): Maritza Ramirez
Photography: Emily Utne
Photo Illustration: Jesse Draxler and Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart
Model: Mary, Vision
Styling: Jane Belfry
Hair: Mo Murphy (Miyagi)
Makeup: Bethany Brihn (Miyagi)


Cliché Boutique and l’étoile magazine present I FEEL LOVE, a multimedia fashion show produced by Angie Hanson, Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart & Maritza Ramirez of Sceneasota. Creating an immersive environment through sound and visuals, I FEEL LOVE will transport attendees into a wondrous world of cutting edge art and fashion. Featuring new collections from two of the Twin Cities’ most innovative fashion designers, Maritza Ramirez and Mackenzie Labine of Oishiimomo; accessories by Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn and Jared Zachary of Freedom From Doubt; live video art by The Lovemelts, Time Squid and Jesse Draxler in collaboration with Anthem Heart; and live italo disco vocal stylings from Camille Bourgerie and Alina Lindquist - plus an interlude performance by electro duo The Night.

I FEEL LOVE is the first collaboration in production by Angie Hanson, Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart, and Maritza Ramirez of SCENEASOTA. Sponsored by Cliché, l’étoile magazine, Vision Model Management, Miyagi Salon, MN Fashion and Citypages, this production features models from Vision Model Management and styling by Jane Belfry. Runway italo disco music provided by The Nightstalker. Promotional photography by Emily Utne in collaboration with artist Jesse Draxler and Anthem Heart. Additional pieces by Jesse Draxler will also be on display at the event.

Sunset Reception from 9:00-10:00
Runway show at 10:30

Tickets: $5 standing room, $10 seated, $20 VIP
Available at the door and at Cliche Boutique beginning 5/22

Garments from each designer’s collection will be available for sale at Cliché starting Sunday, June 13th. For store hours and more info. on Cliché, call (612) 870-0420

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Frances Zerr for Voltage" Spring 2010

Photography: Matt Porath for Metro Magazine
Fashion Design: Frances Zerr for Voltage 2010
Jewelry Design: Vintage City Classics
Eyewear: Ogi Eyewear
Styling: Angie Hanson
Models: Vision Models

Photography: Charlie Ward
Fashion Design: Frances Zerr
Styling: Angie Hanson
Model: Ashlee for Vision Models

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Drama Boutique for Envision Artopia" Spring 2010

Envision: Artopia Fashion Show Extended from Anthem Heart A/V on Vimeo.

Photography: Stacy Schwartz for Citypages
Apparel: Drama Boutique
Fashion Styling: Angie Hanson
Stylist Assistant: Emily Angelo
Hair & Makeup: Envision Artopia staff
Models: Tiara & Jenna for Ignite Models

My fastest turn-around yet: these looks went from L.A. to the runway in 24 hours! Thank goodness Courtney has flawless taste and wonderful merchandise! Big thanks to Emily, Ignite models and the Envision staff for making it happen.